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How to Choose a Music Studio Name

“Mattix Music Studio.”

“How do you spell that? M-A-D-D-U-X?”

“Actually, M-A-T-T-I-X.”


“No, X, as in X-ray.”

“Oh, X!”


“That’s an unusual spelling.”


“Reminds me of the Matrix…”

How to Choose a Music Studio Name


Getting Started


What’s in a name?

A lot, actually!

Choosing a studio name is a bigger deal than many musicians may think, and it’s something that we’ve learned about through experiences over the years. So let us save you the detours we went through and share some ideas worth thinking about as you choose a name for your music studio.

If you ever have considered what to name a pet, child, or car, you have some idea of the joy and challenge of naming someone (or something). So even though it’s probably not going to be Fluffy, Greg, or Black Beauty, a great studio name is highly valuable. It’s the way you’ll represent your business to the world for a long time.

Any business’ name is among its most valuable assets. A name is the cornerstone around which the foundation is laid and the structure is built. An accurate, thoughtfully chosen cornerstone will ensure that you’re communicating the message of who you are and what you do.

Once you’ve chosen a name, it’s hard to change, since it will be used in your business documents, advertising material, and online presence. It’s worth taking a good amount of time to consider your options and make sure you choose a name that’s perfect for you.

TRY THIS TIP: Before reading any further, take a few minutes to make a list of all the music studio names that you can. Really stretch yourself to see how many you can think of—including names you’ve heard in the past as well as names you may currently be considering for your studio. Then see how they fit into the following categories. Evaluate the pros and cons of each name on your list as you read through the following categories.

After several suggestions, this chapter will end with a valuable exercise to help you choose a music studio name for your business.

How to choose a music studio name

Four Options for How to Choose a Music Studio Name


This will generally be the teacher’s name followed by “music studio,” “piano studio,” or “[other instrument] studio.” It is simple, straightforward, and self-explanatory.

Some people use their first name, like Wendy’s Flute Studio. This tends to give a more familiar, friendly feel to the teacher. Using a first name may seem more approachable to some prospective clients. It implies less formal lessons and a more flexible structure.

A classic name can also be simply the teacher’s last name. This is the route we chose — Mattix Music Studio. This was a good choice for us for a couple of reasons. First, we liked the alliteration Mattix Music. Also, since both Katie and I were going to teach, it made more sense to name it after our shared surname rather than one of our first names.


Some of the cute names we’ve come across are either music puns or incorporate a musical word in some way. This is appealing, especially to teachers who know their primary market would appreciate a cuter name.

The name Musical Moments Studio emphasizes the musical nature of your studio, and the word “moments” sounds like it might focus in on children with a shorter attention span than older students and adults.

Another we’ve seen is Noteworthy Piano Studio. This makes use of the “note” pun and shares the information that this is a piano-only studio. “Noteworthy” gives the impression that the teacher has a sense of humor and enjoys a good music pun.

Harmony Music Studio gives a sense of peace and unity among the teacher and students. Prospective clients get the feeling that the teacher will cooperate with both parent and student to get the best results for all of those involved.


Some studios make use of a musical word or term in a clever way. Often this style will have at least one word in another language.

A popular example of this type is Allegro Music Studio. The use of the Italian term allegro implies that the teaching style is fast-paced and interesting and/or that the students will learn quickly.

Forte Music Studio similarly uses a familiar musical word. We often think of forte meaning loud—and most students like to play loudly! In Italian, forte really means strong, so the name implies a level of strength and power in the musicianship of this teacher’s students.

Another example is the DoReMi Piano Studio. Notice how this studio incorporates the first three solfege syllables by combining them into one word. This name gives clients confidence that the teacher starts at the very beginning (a very good place to start!) and lays a solid foundation. It verges on the cute category, so it may imply that the teacher specializes in helping beginners succeed rather than teaching advanced students.


Another popular option is to name the studio after the community in which it is located. This is a frequent option when teachers choose a music studio name.

Minneapolis Piano Studio is a memorable name that clearly defines both the instrument that is taught and the location of the teacher.

Riverside Piano Studio is less specific in location but implies that the studio is in an area near a river. It also uses water imagery, a river to symbolize the importance of musical flow, following the path of musicians who have gone before, and developing a fluid, flexible technique.

Willow Music Studio communicates the name of both a community and a tree. A willow grove might be close to this teacher’s home. The image of the willow tree in the name also communicates strong roots and a graceful, lithe technique, or a flexible and calm teaching style.

TRY THIS TIP: Your name can also impact your logo, if you choose to have one created. It is easy for a designer to use Willow Music Studio as a jumping off point for logos and graphics. A designer can come up with music-related ideas for any studio name, but sometimes a name lends itself to a certain image.

How to Choose a Music Studio Name

Other Considerations

Beyond these big-picture categories, here are some other elements to consider when thinking about how to choose a music studio name.


Consider the spelling of your business name. If someone tells a friend about your business, will that friend be able to spell your business name?

The words will ideally be easily remembered after one hearing to ensure a successful Google search.

Our last name is Mattix, which is often misspelled as Maddux or Maddox. So, in that way, it’s not an ideal name for our business. However, when we said “let’s choose a music studio name,” we did actually think about this! We decided on Mattix Music Studio anyway for the reasons listed earlier. Still, spelling is a significant consideration for many business names.

A simple Google search becomes difficult if the person doesn’t know how to spell part of your business name. Even the DoReMi Piano Studio may have difficulties because the title has words that aren’t spelled phonetically. A non-musical parent may search for “Doe Ray Me Piano Studio” and struggle to find the right business.


The name you choose might reflect the instrument(s) you teach.

If you teach one instrument and are sure you’ll stick with that through the course of your career, it’s appropriate to put the instrument in your business name. For example, you might choose a music studio name like “Smith Piano Studio.” But if there’s a chance that you might branch out and hire other contractors to teach, you should make your name more general— “Smith Music Studio.”

Keep in mind—some private teachers who teach one specific instrument expand to offering classes for groups of people. If the owner of Tina’s Piano Studio starts teaching early childhood classes like Music Together® or Kindermusik®, her studio name may be too limited in scope. But if Tina offers her classes through a local music store, a park district, or another venue that handles the marketing and location, then her studio name is probably fine for her purposes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Due to the prevalence of Google, SEO has become a big part of any business. Savvy teachers need to consider SEO as they choose a music studio name.

Tina’s Piano Studio is advantageous to a generic internet search. If you have set up your SEO, not only are people going to find your website based on your hard work maximizing your presence, the studio name itself will pull people to you.

If you have a customer who is looking for trumpet lessons, they may go through many “music studios” near them who do not teach trumpet. A name like Ron’s Trumpet Studio will draw in the customers who are specifically interested in that instrument much more quickly.

For more information about this, check out our blog post on SEO here. (Coming soon!)


Using your own name limits your ability to sell your studio in the future.

If you build up a successful business and then need to move away or sell for some other reason, the person who purchases your business may also want to purchase your name. Name recognition matters, and it will be hard for a person who buys out your business to switch names. This could be a problem for you for a couple of reasons.

First, it may be hard to find a buyer if you don’t feel comfortable selling your business name. Also, you don’t want to leave your name on a company over which you have no control. If the new buyer runs the business poorly, it will be hard to see your name going downhill too. This also might make it challenging for you to open up another location if your name has gained a negative reputation online.

Some businesses create a clause in a purchasing contract giving the buyer a certain amount of time to change over the business name to a new one. So, for example, if we were to sell Mattix Music Studio someday, we would limit the time span the new owner has to switch company names.

Another practical element to consider is your last name changing at some point due to an update in marital status. If that happens in the future, consider if you would keep your original studio name. If this is a concern, it might be worth it to use your first name, or be prepared to keep a studio name different from your own.


A business name should be unique and yet have a balance of accessibility to the masses.

Ok… easier said than done! Big businesses like Kodak and Xerox have had success creating totally new words for their company names. If you’re creative with words and have some knowledge of marketing, you might take a risk and try this route. However, for small businesses like music studios, finding a straightforward, memorable, and familiar name is probably best. Keeping is simple is usually best when thinking about how to choose a music studio name.



If you name your studio after a musical term, be aware that not everyone will know what you’re talking about.

If you choose to name your business Sostenuto Music Studio, be aware that only parents who are musicians will know what your studio name means. If you’re ok with that, then you’re all set. But if you want to expand your students to both beginners and advanced students (and parents), you might want to choose a more widely-understood name.



When you name your business after a location, be aware that you’re limiting the scope somewhat.

If you choose to name your studio after a specific city, think carefully about whether you’re interested in branching out to another location in the future. We have branches in two different cities. It would be less-than-ideal if we had named the first branch and then tried to open the second branch with the same name.

Also, if you name your studio Minneapolis Music Studio and decide to move to San Jose, you’ll have to change your website domain name and make significant updates to your marketing materials. If you choose a name that’s not based on location, you won’t have to start over if a new location requires a domain change.


As mentioned above, the name you choose can impact your logo. As examples, let’s take a look at our two logos, first the one from this blog (Start My Studio), and then the logo from our studio (Mattix Music Studio).

choose a music studio name

This logo incorporates two elements of our blog name and function. First, it looks something like an abstract letter “S.” Of course, this is the first letter in Start My Studio, so that is fitting. Also, an eighth note has been incorporated into the middle of the S to show that we write a blog that helps musicians and music-specific studios. These two design elements communicate both our name and what we do.

choose a music studio name logo 2

For our studio logo, we wanted a design that communicated what we do without being too literal. The three circle designs represent the three subjects we taught when first opening out business—violin, piano, and voice. When we include the studio name with the logo, the sans serif, all capital-letter font communicates that we are bold yet approachable, fun yet serious about what we do. And the beauty of this logo is that is can be used with the words below it or as simply the three circle symbols. Again, the logo describes something about our business and our name.

A simple Google search becomes difficult if the person doesn’t know how to spell part of your business name. Even the DoReMi Piano Studio may have difficulties because the title has words that aren’t spelled phonetically. A non-musical parent may search for “Doe Ray Me Piano Studio” and struggle to find the right business.

How to Choose a Music Studio Name

A Valuable Exercise

Use these questions to get started thinking about how to choose a music studio name. Write down everything that comes to mind as you brainstorm name options and ideas.

  • What do you want your name to communicate?
  • How do you feel about using your own first or last name?
    • Is it easy to spell?
    • Is it easy to remember?
    • Will it pair well with other words?
  • What location or community words might you use in your business name?
    • City?
    • State?
    • Landmarks?
    • Geographical elements?
  • What instrument(s) do you teach?
  • What is original about you that you can use in your name?  For what special characteristic do you want to be known?
  • Are you interested in teaming up with another teacher in the future or possibly hiring contractors to work for you? (If so, then you should consider using “Music” in your name instead of a specific instrument.)

After completing these questions, look back over your notes. Do any names seem especially strong to you? What name most communicates how you want your studio to be known?

If this doesn’t come to you right away, it’s ok! Choosing a name is a big deal and should take some time. Give yourself several days to keep considering how to choose a music studio name.

Think about your answers to these questions. The right choice will come to you!

TRY THIS TIP: Before finalizing your name, Google it to make sure another studio near you isn’t already using it.

What names are you considering? Send us a message to let us know!

Be sure to Like Start My Studio on Facebook for access to high-quality resources and valuable information. Thanks for reading!

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How to Choose a Music Studio Name

Choose a music studio name by using these tips and suggestions. A good name is a studio’s most important asset. Make the best choice by reading this!


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